T&A provides the following services:

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering services provided by T&A Structures include detailed structural design of projects covering residential, commercial, industrial, educational and any government structures and using construction materials such as timber, in-situ concrete, precast concrete, steel, aluminium and structural insulated panels. This also include foundation design, retaining wall design, small bridges, structural analysis, bracing design, etc.

Structural Assessment

T&A Structures has the capability and experience to provide structural assessment to residential house owners and insurers in relation to making sure that the dwelling remains to conform to the current building code requirements. This service is usually needed when the dwelling sustain some form of damage, either through seismic events or through static settlement of the foundation. Our track record includes structural assessment of hundreds of seismic damage building in the Canterbury Region.

House Alteration

T&A Structures has been in the business of assisting building or dwelling owners and architects in the form of providing structural engineering services in relation to proposed alterations. Checking of bracing, design of beams, columns and foundations are the usual structural works associated with these services.

Peer Review

Peer review of structural designs and engineering reports carried out by other professional engineers and issue producer statement (PS2) if necessary.

Construction monitoring

Carry out construction monitoring to provide quality assurance that the project is being constructed according to the approved construction drawings and issue producer statement (PS4) to confirm this.

Initial Seismic Assessments (ISA)

This service applies to all existing buildings (excluding single unit and single level residential buildings). This is carried out to determine the seismic rating of the building. If the seismic rating is more than 67%NBS and the building is in good condition, it will be recommended that there is no need to do any further works to the building. If the seismic rating is in between 33% and 67%NBS the owner has the option to do nothing if the building is in good condition or to engage a professional structural engineer to carry out a detailed seismic assessment (DSA) if he or she intends to upgrade the seismic rating of the building to at least 67%NBS or if it suspected that the building has some structural problems.

Detailed Seismic Assessments (DSA) and Seismic Strengthening

This applies to all existing buildings (excluding single unit and single level residential buildings). This is carried out to determine the seismic rating of the building and to determine the seismic strengthening needed to upgrade the building to at least 67%NBS seismic rating. This is carried out by doing a full structural analysis of the building and every structural elements thereof.

Structural Drawings

In addition to structural calculations, T&A Structures has also the capability to prepare structural drawings including detailing works at the correct scales for submission to the council together with the Building Consent application package.

As-built Drawings

Preparation of as-built drawings to help construction companies tidy-up their as-built records for submission to the client.

Site Suitability Studies

This is carried out to assist the subdivision or individual project developers in assessing the suitability of the site for building. This report will cover site stability with respect to the proposed development, recommendations for foundation types suitable in the site, retaining walls required if any, type of construction, wastewater management, stormwater management and recommend additional studies if required.